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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Chelsea Picks I

I spent a couple hours in Chelsea on Saturday afternoon. Today and tomorrow I'll highlight a few shows of note.

Rudolf Stingel at Paula Cooper Gallery. Stingel, in the spotlight recently for carpeting the floor of Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall, has turned Cooper’s cavernous gallery space into a shrine to his dealer’s ego. Covering the gallery’s floor with white particle board, Stingel has enhanced the power of the pristine white cube and uses the space to display a 118 inch square painting of Robert Mapplethorpe’s 1984 glam shot of Cooper. (Installation view at right.)

Amy Morken, “what’s this? a viking song …” at Caren Golden Fine Art. I previewed this show a couple weeks ago, and I’m glad to say that the work looks even better framed and hung than it did in the back room. On view through February 19, the exhibition isn’t sold out yet. It should be.

Jeffrey Aaronson, “Transparencity” at Kashya Hildebrand Gallery. An intriguing combination of op art and street photography, Aaronson’s work uses the reflective surfaces of street-level windows and highly amped color to create an effective “wow” moment for viewers. The show is a good visual palette cleanser for a long day of looking at art.

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