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Friday, January 21, 2005

Sneak Peak

Last Saturday I got brief previews of two interesting shows that are opening in Chelsea this weekend.

The Nancy Margolis Gallery opened a site-specific installation by artist Ludwika Ogorzelec last night. Ogorzelec has filled the gallery space with one of her signature cellophane structures. The piece also spills out the gallery's front window, forming a transparent awning over the sidewalk (at right). Any visitor over five and a half feet tall will need to stoop to walk beneath the work inside the gallery, but last week when I spoke with the artist she said she was planning to leave a few gaps in the piece so that viewers can stand up. This will be one exhibition where visitors who are short of stature hold an advantage.

Two blocks south on 23rd St., Caryn Golden holds an opening reception tonight for Amy Morken's new show, What's This? A Viking Song... . Morken's work feels like what would result if works by Willem deKooning and Amy Cutler were sent hurtling at light speed through the Superconducting Super Collider before being smashed together. Equal parts surreal narrative played out in a community of women and anger directed at those women's forms, Morken's work is simultaneously troubling and attractive. James Wagner has an image of her piece included in Golden's last group show in a post from earlier this month. After seeing examples of both Morken's newer and older work last week, I'm eager to see the show as it's been installed.

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