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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

News around New York

Carol Vogel gets busy for the Times today with two pieces of note.

Dia's Chairman, Leonard Riggio, is resigning his post--and perhaps leaving the board. With no director, no board chair, no vice chair, no Manhattan home, a projected operating deficit for next year (an operating deficit even after closing its Manhattan locations?!?), and a capital campaign underway that needs to raise up to $40M, Dia is facing some serious challenges. Serious challenges. Dia has always relied on the largesse of a single patron. Here's to hoping another one emerges quickly.

On a more positive note, Tishman Speyer and the Public Art Fund have announced this fall's selection for the now annual Rockefeller Center commission: Anish Kapoor. I'm really hoping that his giant curved mirror won't be reflecting sunlight off the building across the street and into my office window. I'm not sure that my life insurance policy covers being burned to death by reflected sunlight.

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