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Monday, April 03, 2006

Judd at Christie's

Today Christie's opens its preview of work from the Judd Foundation.

The exhibition will run through May 9 when the 36 pieces will be sold. Two large works are installed in Christie's showroom, in a specially constructed environment near the central stair. The remainder are being shown around the corner, on the 20th floor of 1230 Avenue of the Americas.

The sale is controversial (see MAN's first and second posts on the issues involved), and to this point Christie's has been somewhat coy about what is being included. But now that the preview has opened, the auction house is providing a two-page sale list to exhibition visitors. As far as I can tell, Christie's has not made this information available on-line yet, so I have posted page 1 of the list here and page 2 here. (Apologies for the poor quality of the scans.)

The preview really should not be missed. Christie's has put a $23.5M high estimate on the sale. But judging from the resources put into marketing it, I would guess that they expect the final result to substantially top that estimate. Not only have they created a uniquely fitting installation environment for the work (whitewashed brick walls and no drop ceiling in the space) but they have also put together what may be a first--an iPod exhibition tour. The program includes images of each work, specialist audio commentary on every piece, and a few video segments--one of which is a 24-minute-long look at Marfa.

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