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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Scope: 0, FDNY: 100 Pissed Off Writers

And fair weekend is off to a smoking start.

Scope's pre-opening, press-only preview was scheduled for 5:00 PM tonight, but the fire department had something else in mind--something about carbon monoxide levels being too high in the hall after three days of exhibitors driving fork lifts around the unventilated space.

So after being forced to stand around on the street for an hour (breathing in more carbon monoxide from five idling FDNY vehicles than they would have in the hall) people with invites for the event were kindly asked to come back on another day.

Very, very VIPs didn't have the same problem, though. Spotted: uber-collector and John Currin model Dianne Wallace leaving the premises at 4:40 PM carrying a painting that she quickly placed in the trunk of a black Town Car waiting for her in front of the building.

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