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Thursday, March 23, 2006

And Today That Will Get You?

Donald Judd's home at 101 Spring St.Maybe a closet in the neighborhood. And that's if you're lucky.

Today's NY Times Homes section takes us to Donald Judd's former residence at 101 Spring St. in SoHo (photo at right; link via). The piece mentions an interesting fact about the building that I didn't know. Judd bought it in 1968 for $70,000. Those were the years when SoHo was an ugly, industrial neighborhood and artists were just realizing that they could acquire live-work loft space there at reasonable prices.

But just how reasonable was $70,000 in 1968? Pretty darn reasonable.

Plugging the numbers into The Inflation Calculator tells us that $70,000 in 1968 is the equivalent of $387,308 in 2005.

If he had just under $400,000 and he were shopping in that neighborhood today, Judd would be able to afford a closet. Maybe. But I'm sure he would be able to turn it into the sleekest, most functional closet anyone has ever seen.

Related: Frank Stella cashes out his East Village real estate investment.

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