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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Playing It Straight, Or Not

When I give gallery talks, I always play it straight. It's not that I've never been tempted to lead a group of earnest museum goers into conceptual limbo by deliberately feeding them misinformation, but I guess I'm just too diligent of a little soldier to present museum infrastructure as objects of art.

All that may change, though, when the Biennial opens next month. I'm taking this, from a press release issued today by the Whitney, as permission to play a little fast and loose with the truth this time around.
The Biennial features an ongoing performance throughout the run of the exhibition. The artist Momus will appear at random times, in random locations, to offer improvisational tours. Wearing a costume and equipped with a portable sound system, Momus leads visitors into the realm of the imagination with freely invented "unreliable" tours that open up new possibilities for experiencing the Biennial.
I don't have my costume (a costume!) designed yet, but the little details like that will take care of themselves when the time arrives.

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