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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I Can't Believe My Spam Filter Let This One Through

Flirty Fun at Februrary First Fridays!I could hardly believe my eyes when I started reading this blast email sent out today by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

Remember those long stemmed roses from a "secret admirer" that were whisked into your office last February 14? We know you ordered them for yourself. It's cool -- we've all been there. And as sexy as self-love is, we also know that you might be looking to meet a real, live admirer who understands the hotness that is you this Valentine's Day. That's why we made some plans for you this Friday night.

Sexplicit plans, no less.

Hook up with us on February 3 for our Sexplicit First Fridays. Get it on to the soulful sounds of DJ Squeeze, satisfy your desire for drink with an Absolut Ladykiller Cosmo or Maneater Martini, find that special someone at our Love Post Office, and enjoy daring insights from the sexperts at Early to Bed. The latest 12 x 12: New Artists/New Work exhibition will debut, featuring the work of Dianna Frid.

While this come on doesn't really turn my crank, the hotness that is me predicts that the MCA will see a full house (but very little interest in the art) this coming Friday.

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