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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Visiting the Homeless Museum's Home

I'm a sucker for pieces of institutional critique. Maybe it's the peek behind the curatorial and education department curtains that I regularly get, but I always enjoy art that sends up contemporary museum practices.

The Homeless MuseumLast Sunday I paid a visit to the first of two open houses to be hosted by The Homeless Museum. The museum, housed in the fifth floor walkup of the museum's director, boasts its own education department, audio tour, gift shop, cafe (which was serving complimentary mussels, boiled eggs, and whole milk during my visit), and membership program.

I've posted here before about the organization's most recent acquisition, MoMA HMLSS, and it was nice to have a chance to spend some up close and personal time peeking into this museum in a valise.

HoMu will be hosting the second of its two planned open houses next Sunday, January 29, from 11AM - 5PM. Free reservations and location details can be obtained by emailing info@homelessmuseum.org. And if you go, be sure not to miss the sign next to the sink in the curatorial office (a.k.a., the bathroom). There ought to be one of these posted in every museum's staff-only restroom.

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