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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sending Me Secret (or Not So Secret) Messages

I've always listed an email address in the right hand column of the site for people who want to contact me. This week, after deciding that email is so 1990s and that it's time for From the Floor to join the twenty-first century, I have added a new method for users to pass information and feedback along to me.

Manhattan's West 22nd Street, the home of From the Floor's new electronic dead drop siteTaking inspiration from what the British have been doing in Russia, I've embedded a wireless receiver in one of Dia's basalt columns on West 22nd Street in Chelsea. (I figured Joseph Beuys would get a strange kind of kick out of the idea that his work was being used in this manner.)

Now if you want to send From the Floor a press release about the show you are opening next weekend or if you have feedback on a piece published on the site, you can put the message on your wireless handheld device, set the device to transmit, and wander back and forth along 22nd Street between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues until your PDA tells you that your message has been sent.

I'll be picking up my fake rock column and replacing it with a new one every Thursday morning between 2AM and 3AM so that I'm sure to get info on all the openings for the upcoming weekend. Feel free to use the new contact method. Just don't tell the Russians about it.

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