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Monday, January 30, 2006

Making Spiral Jetty Even More Tourist Friendly

It's not enough that they had to sign the road out to the shore of the Great Salt Lake. Now, Greg reports, the State of Utah has performed a little clean up activity along the final stretch of the one lane dirt track that leads to Spiral Jetty.

Gone is all the detritus formerly located just around the bend from Smithson's earthwork. I've written (here and here) that these decaying remnants of past industrial activity at the site actually contribute to Smithson's work. I guess the State of Utah didn't agree.

The trailer, amphibious transport, and other assorted rust buckets are gone. But they aren't forgotten. Here's a panoramic shot I took of the site back in August of 2004.

On the road to Spiral Jetty, August 2004

With the art market as frothy as it is right now, I bet Utah could have padded its coffers by auctioning this stuff once it had been pulled off the site. There has to be a market for art world memorabilia like this, doesn't there?

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