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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Graphic Design/Evangelism Consultant Needed

The choice couldn't have been worseIn his May 2005 Artforum Top Ten, Tim Davis included the signage outside the mosque in his neighborhood:

GOD AND GRAPHIC DESIGN My neighborhood mosque, Madina Masjid at Eleventh and First, recently solved one of the great graphic design-based theology problems since the Jews figured out how to spell YHWH. "THERE IS NO GOD" their sign used to read, in foot-high green sans serif type. The second line, much smaller, magenta, and punctuationless, went on, "but allah mohammed is the messenger of allah." The sign's been changed now, but if only more houses of worship would advertise that there is no God, perhaps the world would emerge from its latest dark age.

I arrived back home in New York yesterday and passed the mosque while running an errand. Here's a snapshot of a new sign that has gone up there sometime over the last couple weeks while I've been away.

If mosque members would have asked any of their East Village neighbors what the worst possible day of the year would be to hold this event, four out of five respondents would have given this date as their answer. Attendance, I predict, is going to be more spotty than a Damien Hirst dot painting.

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