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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sketching Greater New York

James Wagner has an interesting call to action posted on his blog right now. If you can sketch and if you can get to P.S.1 before Greater New York closes, you really ought to participate.

I definitely would--if I had any ability to draw at all. Given what I came up with when I contributed to Hope Hilton's recent group drawing project, I'll leave this one to the professionals.

If I were going to sketch something in the show, though, I think it would be Hope Atherton's 87 x 66 inch painting The Watcher. The strongly backlit, dark brooding of the monkey's face combined with the painting's slick acrylic surface grabbed me in a visceral way when it I saw it again a couple weeks ago. But if I were to pick up a pencil I know I wouldn't be able to recreate her strong chiaroscuro, and I can't even imagine how I would translate the work's gorgeous, slippery surface into a drawing.

But someone (someone with much more talent than I have) should give it a try. Please. I can't find an image of the work anywhere else, and I would really like to have one.

Update: Michael Cambre comes through with the goods.

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