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Monday, August 08, 2005

Janet Cardiff, Off with Her Head, Part the Second

Donate to the Public Art FundSaturday saw strike two for Janet Cardiff. Well, to be completely accurate, Saturday saw strike two for organizations presenting Cardiff’s work to the public this summer.

A few weeks ago I was frozen out of Pandemonium at Eastern State Penitentiary. On Saturday (since the thermometer said it wasn’t 90 degrees in Central Park for the first day in months), I decided to try Cardiff’s audio walk, Her Long Black Hair.

When I arrived at the Public Art Fund’s kiosk to pick up the gear, I was told to go away and try again some other day. All the portable CD players were checked out, and there was a group with a reservation at 3:00 that would tie up any incoming equipment for the rest of the day. The piece has proven to be so popular, the woman working the booth said, that they usually run out of the CD players in the afternoon.

So no Cardiff for me. Again. Next thing you know, Laura is going to start blocking access to her website for requests coming from my IP addresses.

Related (especially for our friends at the Public Art Fund): The Coby CX-CD111 Slim Personal CD Player (available in a variety of colors) is on sale at Amazon for only $14.88. That’s ten for less than $150. Twenty for under $300.

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