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Monday, July 04, 2005

What the ))<>(( ?

Have any idea what ))<>(( means? Don’t bother checking the search engine of your choice. As of today, you won’t get any results if you search for ))<>(( .

Is that because search engines don’t index character sets that don’t have letters, or is it that the spiders haven’t yet found this new Iconoduel post or Miranda July’s delightful new blog documenting the release of her first feature film, Me and You and Everyone We Know?

Well, don’t hold your breath because I’m not going to tell you what ))<>(( means. But I will tell you that it’s well worth your while to go see July’s big screen debut to find out for yourself.

There’s much, much more to the film than just this strange ASCII character set (you know, the ))<>(( I’ve mentioned several times now) to recommend it. The film is so good, evidently, that it brought Iconoduel out of semi-retirement. See that post for more detail, description, and insight on the film than I’ve given here.

See, this post isn’t intended to be a review. It’s actually more of an experiment. Will this entry get indexed by the major search engines and eventually be returned as a search result for ))<>(( ? Exactly how many times do you think I need to use ))<>(( in a post before it gets noticed?

And, speaking of noticing, while you’re watching Me and You see if you can spot the brief appearance in the film of a work that was included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial. Extra credit if you find it.

Update: I have it on good authority that punctuation doesn't get indexed--so no top-of-the-search-results listing for this post.

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