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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bronx Museum, Part 2, and a Tangent

I figure that since I went to all the trouble of leaving Manhattan to see a show I need to get at least two posts out of it.

Add the Bronx Museum to the list of art museums that has started its own blog. It will be interesting to see if these institutions are able to balance the spontaneity and irreverence that make good blogs sticky with the need to represent the organization to the public.

On a separate topic, there is a piece included in AIM 25 that I didn't mention in yesterday's post but that I thought I would highlight today--for a purely self-indulgent reason. Esperanza Mayobre's work, y dio a luz (at right), is sort of a conceptual portrait in neon of my kid. (In Spanish-speaking countries, when a woman gives birth people say "Dio a luz" which translates literally as "She gave light.") The cool white neon looks great in the gallery space, and seeing it installed there gave both the real baby and her dad a smile.

And, speaking of irreverent blogs and kids, for the last couple days I've been in stitches over the (four-year-old but new to me) blog Dooce. I guess it's not just in arts-related matters that I'm the last one to find out about the good stuff.

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