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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Weekend Reading

I paid a visit to Dia: Beacon on Saturday (more on that later), so I had several hours on the train to spend working through a pile of magazines that has been rapidly growing in the living room.

To recap a couple of the high (or low) points, we begin by continuing the architectural eyewear meme started here. I finally finished a months-old issue of the New Yorker that has a profile of Rem Koolhaas by Daniel Zalewski. The author can't help himself, and he hits on the topic on the first page of the piece:
Like many architects, he signals his profession with intimidatingly unusual eyewear. He currently favors a modular design, in which rectangular plastic lenses snap into chopstick-straight temples of various colors. Today's choice was reserved: tortoiseshell.
And I came across an anti-almanac entry in the most recent issue of Artforum (which is usually good for at least one per issue). This one comes from "a roundtable discussion on land art's changing terrain." The critic (as usual) remains anonymous here:
I completely agree with you that today the exterior lies in the social, in that so many artists posit the latter as the only authentic point of resistance to capital.
I don't know any artists who are resisting capital. If anything, they're using their social networks to try to get some of it for themselves.

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