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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Good Reads

A couple interesting things have popped up around the internets this morning.

Artnet has a piece about the real-life adventures of a real-life art handler. The piece made me think of some funny stories I heard recently (which I can't really share) about the installation of the Smithson show.

Via ArtsJournal today, the Times (the other one) has an interesting piece on corporate art collections. There's nothing too terribly revealing in the piece, but I did love this bit. Call it "art history in the elevator":
Over at [Deutsche Bank] corporate headquarters, the twin towers building in Frankfurt, “one of the briefest attempts at art history ever made can be seen in the lifts”. Every one of its 55 floors is named after a particular artist, and when you reach, say, floor B — Beuys — you get “ the inevitable picture of him in his felt hat”, a statement about his work, and various works on paper. “Travelling down the building the artists get younger and younger,” comments Hicks. “The floors are arranged chronologically.”
Only the Germans.

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