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Thursday, May 12, 2005

What's Not Going On

Blogging. That's what's not going on.

I'm on the road, all over the place for the next few weeks, on a plane almost every day.

I'm so scattered right now that I can't keep my art viewing schedule straight. I've had the Sotheby's catalogues sitting on the credenza in my living room for several weeks, but I've been too busy on the days that I've been home to open them up even to browse. For some reason, I thought previews were this weekend and the auctions were next week. Wasn't I surprised, then, to see auction reports start appearing in the Times and on Artnet while I was sitting out in suburban Chicago this week. Flaked on that one, I did. I so could have fit the previews in last Sunday afternoon. Idiot.

I'll try to see a few things this weekend and put a couple posts in the bank for next week. Mrs. FtF is already angling for me to sneak her into the Cooper-Hewitt on Saturday to see an exhibition of high performance fabrics or something which is of no interest to me. But if I go I'll be in the neighborhood and will finally be able to see the Daniel Buren installation at the Guggenheim.

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