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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Match Made in Not-Heaven

In a certain respect, it's the best possible match that a marketer could have come up with: the worst piece of public art in New York co-opted to shill for the worst possible use of New York City resources.

Here's the telling image (click for an enlargement).

The clock in Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel's Metronome at One Union Square has been reprogrammed and is currently counting down the time until the host city for the 2012 Olympics is announced.

Perhaps if New York doesn't get the nod, Metronome will puff out one final, gigantic cloud of steam and will crumble to the sidewalk, freeing up the facade of this building and providing space for a more suitable visual anchor for Park Avenue South.

And if New York does win the bid? It's another seven years of Metronome, a half decade of construction around every corner in the city, and a month of lockdown and police-state presence in 2012 that will make last summer's Republican Convention look like a fire drill.

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