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Monday, May 23, 2005

Airline Haiku

In honor of the eight-day travel stretch that I'm now halfway through, I've decided to veer off topic and declare today to be Airline Haiku Day here at From the Floor.

On another long trip some time ago, I got stuck on the tarmac for what seemed like hours. For some reason, I'm not sure why, these haiku bemoaning the life of the frequent flier just happened to fall right out of me:

Extra leg room, none
Economy Plus is full
My gold card, worthless

Stuck on the tarmac
Wheels up at quarter after
It's six twenty now

Tomato juice and
A second bag of pretzels
No food on this flight

And my favorite:

New York - Chicago
By way of Santiago
Think of the miles

When I shared these via e-mail with Mrs. FtF, she shot back with one that tops all of mine:

Where is he this week?
At least there's a cell number
And the cat stays home

Have any, or care to write any, airline haiku of your own? If so, send them my way via email. I'll post any that I receive today.

Back to the visual arts tomorrow. Maybe.

Update: I stand corrected. But the title of the post stands as is.

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