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Friday, April 08, 2005

Enforced Brevity

Earlier this week someone jokingly accused me of being a bourgeois intellectual because of a couple longish posts I've published recently. I countered that I didn't think the Maoists would send me off for reeducation because, even though the posts were long and heady, I used the word "revolution" a few times in one.

I shouldn't have spoken so soon. Blogger updated their publishing software yesterday, and the update contains a bug (at least I hope it's a bug) that keeps posts of greater than 150 words from publishing. All blogging must now occur in sound bites.

I have something on the Arbus retrospective ready to go, but it exceeds the 150 word limit. So no Arbus until the bug is fixed. Or until my reeducation is complete and I can boil my thoughts on the show down to the length of a propaganda slogan.

Update: Looks like the bug is fixed. We'll be back to wordy bourgeois intellectualism with a Diane Arbus review on Monday.

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