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Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Armory Show 2005

If this were an eighteenth-century novel instead of a blog post it would have the following subtitle:
In which our hero gets his ass thoroughly kicked by one eight-pound human (who had not slept well the night before), two piers jutting out most impressively into a river (named, it is said, after an explorer set adrift by a mutinous crew to die in a snowy bay), and many galleries (162 to be precise) from various continents showing work of diverse types (some requiring electricity).
Someone shared a cautionary tale with me this week about mixing a three-week-old child with the Armory Show. I didn’t listen. As a result, I now have my own cautionary tale to tell.

Let’s just say this. I don’t remember much of what I saw on the first pier, and I’m fairly certain I sleepwalked my way through the second. I am carrying a vague memory of a strobe lit sleeping bag for a whale. I think this was something I saw at Daniel Reich’s booth, but I can’t be certain that I didn’t dream it.

As I was wandering the floor, seeing scads of interesting work on paper, I had what felt like a great idea. What would it look like if someone went on a spending spree, bought tons of drawing really quickly, and put together a state-of-the-moment view into the practice? Brilliant, important, a big deal.

When I woke up with a clear head later this afternoon after a three-hour nap, I realized that someone else had this idea already—exactly two years ago.

The Armory Show (through Monday, March 15). See it before it closes. And then tell me what I saw, but missed.

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