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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Flavin on Fifth Avenue

Ever wonder what happens to major museum retrospectives in the period between their closing at one venue and their opening at another? They go shopping, of course.

“Dan Flavin: A Retrospective” closed its run at the National Gallery in Washington on January 9. It’s scheduled to open at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth on February 25. Although this exhibition isn’t formally scheduled to be shown in New York, right now Manhattanites are able to see highlights from the show (ahem!) at a prominent midtown venue.

No, I’m not talking about MoMA here. I’m talking about the windows at Saks where these snapshots were taken today.

Last year saw minimalism break out all over the museum scene. This year it’s breaking out as backdrop to the couture du jour.

Note to window designers: there's a difference between taking inspiration from a source and plagiarizing it. Guess on which side of the line this display falls.

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