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Friday, February 18, 2005

Eating Crow over Glitter

Last week I took a gratuitous poke at glue-n-glitter. The crack was made in the act of skewering Artforum's Scene & Herd. Based on what I've seen there this week, I don't feel at all bad about the broader intent of that post. But I do have to retract what I said about glitter.

A couple days after the post went up I made a realization that caused my heart to skip a beat. I own glitter.

Really. A favorite piece in my small collection has glitter as a material. It's not in-your-face shiny like other things I've seen. But still, there is glitter there. Making that realization, though, wasn't all. I felt doubly bad about the crack last Saturday when I stopped by DCKT Contemporary to see their current show, several pieces by Kim Krans. I liked the work overall, and (you guessed it) there's glitter there too.

So with that, I officially withdraw the glue-n-glitter crack. Glitter, I have to admit, isn't all bad. That's my new position on the issue, and I'm going to stick with it--even if Artforum does agree with me.

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