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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Things That Annoy Me, Part 3

This is turning out to be one gripe-filled week, isn't it? I was just going to ignore all the hubbub about LA being the new center of the art world, but since I've been baited, here's a response.

New York Isn't the Center of the Art World Anymore. New York Is Still the Center of the Art World.
Hey folks, if postmodernism opened our eyes to anything it was that the idea of there being a single center is suspect. How about those who don't live in New York get beyond the persecution complex and those of us who do live in New York get beyond the superiority complex.

Why don't we all look to find good art where good art is. For example, there are lots of interesting things going on in San Antonio, TX, these days. That doesn't mean that it's the new center of the art world. And the fact that work is being shown there instead of elsewhere doesn't mean that it's no good.

That said, major cities with a history of being seen as a center still retain a certain level of influence and importance. But, you know what? Terry already covered this topic. Read what he thinks in the last item of this long post. What he has to say about jazz holds true for the visual arts as well.

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