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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What's REALLY Going on in the Art World?

Carolyn Zick does us a favor again this month by summarizing all the art-related content in the December issue of W. And it's quite a month: stylish trust-funded New Yorkers move to Marfa, Currin and Feinstein (and not just for Marc Jacobs), gossip from the Whitney Gala, Ann Philbin of the Hammer, 89-year-old Arthur Miller's 34-year-old girlfriend who paints, and (totally unrelated to the previous item) how to get away with faking it ("On Books I've Never Read").

Carolyn also mentions that her subscription runs out with next month's issue. It would be a real shame if she stopped providing all of us with her monthly clip service. How about if one of you Condé Nasty readers gives her another couple years on the house, huh?

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