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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Links, Updated and New

I've done a little site maintenance in recent days and have updated the links in the right-hand column, adding a few new blogs and bringing back a list of recommended current exhibitions. The exhibitions are all notable museum shows I've seen in recent weeks. There are no gallery shows included because, frankly, I haven't spent much time at galleries in the last month.

I've written about all the new shows listed except two: Bernd and Hilla Becher at the Pompidou and Political Nature at the Whitney.

I'll have something to post this Thursday on the Becher retrospective. As for Political Nature, the show is another single-gallery, David Kiehl-curated gem: four artists (three you may have heard of and one you probably haven't) and several remarkable prints held together with a really smart theme that opens an interesting dialogue between the very different works included. Each of the pieces in the Walton Ford series (on display together here for the first time) is visually stunning and conceptually engaging. Stephanie Syjuco's work uses the visual language of pre-twentieth-century botany to explore the morphology of the personal computer. In the process, it sets a new standard for the use of digital technology in print making. Works by Trenton Doyle Hancock and Frank Moore round out the show.

Finally, looking for a little high-brow holiday spirit over the next couple weeks? Visit the Centre Pompidou's website each day for the remainder of the month as the institution turns the façade of its famous home into a giant advent calendar.

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