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Friday, November 12, 2004

Now I'm Confused Again

I used flight time this week to catch up on some reading. The experience left me feeling very confused.

I thought that I had discovered the perfect way to tell the two magazines apart when I made the observation recently that articles in Vogue were too dumb while articles in Artforum were too smart. Now I’m not so sure I got that right.

The October Vogue runs Dodie Kazanjian’s interesting, intelligent, and well-written profile of Elizabeth Peyton.

The November Artforum runs two interesting, intelligent, and well-written pieces on Isamu Noguchi by Anne Wagner and Josiah McElheny.

These publications both need to step away from the middle and get back to their bases. If what they’ve been doing this fall continues, there won’t be any way to tell them apart.

If this keeps up, we’ll soon have fashion design assistants reading Artforum and selling their personals on eBay to fund visits to MoMA. And we’ll have art history grad students reading Vogue and burning their Birkenstocks and college sweatshirts. That’s a fundamental disruption to the natural order. It’s just not right.

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