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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Museum as a Laboratory

Greetings from the MoMA atrium. I'm happy to report that--today at least--MoMA is positioning itself as a truly democratic institution. Bloggers are getting the same treatment as journos who use that old paper and ink stuff.

In his opening comments this morning, director Glenn Lowry referred to Alfred Barr's notion of the museum as a laboratory where the public can participate in creating the narrative of art history. Well, if they want the blogging public to participate, they're going to have to do better than this weak-ass wi-fi access point that I'm hacking into to upload this post. Also (and this one is really simple) when a cheese plate featuring a selection of soft cheeses gets put out, there needs to be crackers too. Bloggers can't grouse on an empty stomach--or with brie all over their fingers.

OK, so I'm struggling hard to find something to harp on. It's good here. Really good. I'll post about that later, with photos.

Highlight of the day so far: seeing Artnet editor Walter Robinson and his columnist Charlie Finch get into a serious raised-voice argument near the escalators. No punches were thrown, I'm sad to report.

Update: I guess Finch was even more grumpy than he usually is today.

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