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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

They Wouldn't Want You to Leave Hungry

An article in today's New York Times previews the food service that will be available at MoMA when it re-opens next month.

As you probably expected, an institution with a $20 cover charge isn't going to be serving fast food. Danny Meyer, the New York restaurateur with the Midas touch, will be running all food concessions. Here are a few of the more tasty quotes from the article.

On the fit between the museum's holdings and the menus:
"The art and the food are utterly complementary," said Glenn D. Lowry, the museum's director. "The better the food, the more intense the museum experience."
On the use of product placement in the restaurants' design:
The cost would have been more than a million dollars higher, but the Danish Consulate General in New York intervened, finding private funds to pay for showcasing Danish designers' wares in the museum and restaurants, including stainless steel cutlery and chairs by Arne Jacobsen.
On the Neue Galerie/Cafe Sabarsky approach that Meyer has taken to one of the spaces:
"I see periodicals, caffeine, sugar, alcohol and a staff that makes you feel good," Mr. Meyer said.
With all that good stuff, who needs art?

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