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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Our New Leaf

In the spirit of today's new motto here at From the Floor--"No Substance, All the Time"--I've canceled my subscriptions to Artforum and October and have started taking half a dozen fashion mags instead. I'm learning a lot already. I mean, who knew that John Currin's wife, Rachel Feinstein, was so important? She's all over the place!

The problem is these magazines still print articles you have to read. And reading takes time. And it's a lot of work. So it made me really happy when I stumbled across this shortcut. Over at Dangerous Chunky, Carolyn provides a great summary of W's special October art issue. (That's W the fashion magazine, not W the President.)

If you spend 45 seconds reading her post, you won't have to spend 45 minutes reading the magazine. You can use that time to go shoe shopping instead. Or to read Gawker--if they ever manage to get their domain name back.

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