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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My Second Wish

Apropos of Monday's post, Brian Sholis from In Search clued me in yesterday to something that I would have missed otherwise. The Wall Street Journal has Roger Kimball with an obit/op-ed piece on Jacques Derrida's passing.

As I made clear earlier this week, I have no particular affection for either deconstruction or the political line held by The New Criterion's staff. But it's a shame to see the Journal allowing Kimball to publish this piece with them on this occasion. The opinion editors at the Journal, it seems, have been taking lessons in "fair and balanced" coverage from Fox News.

I was saying to my wife over dinner last night that if a genie popped out of a lantern and offered me three wishes I know what they would be. My first would be to appoint five justices to the Supreme Court. My second would be to rebuild the editorial board of the Journal.

My third? Three more wishes, of course.

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