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Sunday, October 03, 2004

The MoMA Countdown Continues

For those of you eagerly awaiting the opening of the new MoMA building, here are a couple links to explore.

Greg Allen posts on comments made recently by Terry Riley and Ann Temkin about the building and the new permanent collection installation. Greg has also been inside the building and gives some initial impressions.

The Times Magazine this weekend contains a feature-length piece about the new installation of MoMA's permanent collection. It goes into way more detail than any sane person would want to know, but it's an interesting skim and provides some insight into the new approach to telling the history of modernism that the institution will be using.

For those interested in the New York museum social statusphere, the Style section of this week's magazine is also of note. Tina Barney gives her WASP treatment to young New York art museum patrons, the "ladies [who] are the behind-the-scene movers and shakers, planning the parties, picking the art and making sure that the museums are as vibrant as the work that hangs on their walls." (And you thought those last two items fell into curators' job descriptions, didn't you?) What I really want to know after browsing through the spread is how Lisa Anastos gets her teeth that white.

(Update: As usual, Gawker is not nearly as nice as I am.)

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