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Monday, October 04, 2004

Impressions from an Afternoon in Chelsea

Saturday afternoon. A couple hours of gallery hopping in Chelsea.

Overheard: Becky Smith of Bellwether standing in the middle of the Kirsten Hassenfeld show. "I've always thought of myself in the context of the zeitgeist." Uh, Becky. Short of embracing reincarnation, is there any other way?

I had been looking forward to the Sam Taylor-Wood show at Matthew Marks, but the work runs cold, dry, and artificial. There's no transcendence like in her last show with Marks.

I made a new friend at a 20th St. gallery. Lulu was a little camera shy, but she let me snap this shot before retreating into the back room where she had important business to take care of with a rubber chew toy.

William Anthony collides zine style with an anxiety-of-influence theme to spoof everyone from Picasso and Bacon to Wesselman and Beecroft (and a few Old Masters to boot) at Dorfman Projects.

Blogosphere celebrity (an oxymoron?) sighting: James and Barry at Tenth Ave. and 21st St. The button gave them away.

At Ricco/Maresca, Bill Barminski shows a group of solid paintings that, as a special bonus, come prepackaged with their own critical discourse.

Finally, Ellen Gallagher knocks the ball out of the park at Gagosian in a space that usually only men with super-sized egos can fill well. Gallagher clearly loves material and process, and she marries that craft with a credible identity politic in this show.

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