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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Duty Calls, Blogging Stalls

As observant readers will have noticed yesterday, I'm on the road again this week. (No, I don't go to Hartford purely for the fun of getting turned away from a college art gallery.)

Late last night I managed to miss the highway exit for my hotel, and I ended up crossing the river that separates Omaha, NE from Coucil Bluffs, IA. This little mistake turned an already interminable trip (thanks to a missed connection in Chicago) into an even longer one and made the week a six-state week instead of the five-state week it was supposed to be.

All this self-pity is my way of offering an excuse for the fact that there won't be much new content around these parts for the rest of the week. While I'm on hiatus over the next few days, you could spend a couple minutes getting familiar with Martin Bromirski's new Richmond, VA based art blog, ANABA.

Don't wander too far away, though. There's a multi-day feature in the works here for next week that promises to be quite trippy.

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