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Monday, September 27, 2004

Wow! Chelsea!

In what has to be the strangest lead-in to a multi-gallery review piece I have ever seen, Blake Gopnik announced to readers of The Washington Post last weekend that there is this neighborhood in New York called Chelsea. And that there are a lot of galleries that show art there. And some of the art is good. But some of it is bad, too.

Very interesting, Blake.

After reading the lead-in, I kept waiting for a sidebar toward the end of the article mentioning that to get to Chelsea from DC you can take this train called the Acela, run by this railroad called Amtrak. And the train is fast and nice and stuff, but it's kind of expensive. But the sidebar never happened. I hope Post readers are able to figure that one out for themselves.

As much as Gopnik tried to give away all Chelsea's secrets in his piece, there is one topic he didn't touch. For this one, you need a real New York artworld insider's knowledge. So, Washingtonians, if you're coming up to New York to see this new Chelsea place, make sure you read John Perreault's most recent post on Artopia before you catch the train. He'll clue you in to where all the good restrooms are.

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