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Thursday, September 23, 2004

More on New York Museum Admission Charges

Today's Newsday contains a short article on MoMA's new $20 admission. The piece presents a couple items of interest.

Not to be outdone by its midtown rival, the Guggenheim will be raising its admission charge to $18 with the opening of its next show--an exhibition of Aztec art. The Guggenheim was already the worst museum deal in the city at $15. With this 20% price increase, it retains local leadership in that dubious category.

MoMA's Chief Operating Officer James Gara provides the closing quote for the article.
Soon, a $20 MoMA ticket will buy a long stretch of cultural immersion. Visitors will be able to view all the exhibits, plus spend time in the enlarged sculpture garden, listen to lectures and watch movies, all without extra stipends. "I think it's a bargain," Gara said.
A bargain. Sure, it's a bargain if you make over $250,000 a year like Gara does. But for art lovers on a budget a visit to MoMA is going to look much more like a splurge.

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