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Thursday, September 30, 2004

May I Have Your Attention Please. Congratulations Are in Order.

In a rare moment of humility, everyone's favorite art blogger Tyler Green at Modern Art Notes broke the cardinal rule of journalism this morning.

He buried his story's lead.

Now that's not such a big deal if you're just any old blogger spouting off about this, that, and whatnot. But every professional journalist knows never, ever, to bury the story's lead.

And that's exactly the rub. See, Tyler isn't just any old blogger who can get away with making a major screw up like that anymore. As of this morning, he's a real, professional journalist.

Take a look at his opening to the post in question:
Today, my first review for Bloomberg News runs over their terminal service and over their news service. If I can find a Google News link later today I'll post it. For now, a blurb.
And then he gives a blurb from the piece. Did you miss it? I almost did because Tyler does occasional pieces for different publications. But let's focus in on the "my first review for Bloomberg News" part of that first sentence. What does that mean, exactly?

That means Tyler Green is now the art critic for Bloomberg News.

Bloomberg is expanding it cultural coverage. When it came time to fill its new art critic slot, it did what every sensible publication is doing today. It reached out into the blogosphere to snatch up the best we had to offer.

There's no need to worry. I hear that Modern Art Notes isn't going anywhere. Tyler will continue to blog there and to publish occasional pieces elsewhere. We're all glad about that.

But now that Tyler has the backing of a media empire behind him, there will be some changes. His new position means that you and I won't ever run into him on the crowded floor of a museum because he'll be getting the VIP treatment. He's going to be attending the press previews, chatting up the curators of important shows on press-only walk throughs, noshing on the press-only buffets at hot-ticket openings, and never paying museum admission fees again.

All in all, it's a great gig for a great guy. Join me in wishing him congratulations.

Let's just hope Tyler gets himself a crash course in Journalism 101 quickly. Bury the lead too many more times, Tyler, and you'll be out of a job!

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