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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Coloring a Brice Marden with Brice Marden

Today's Liberty Fair, while a bit of a disappointment, included some fun activities.

Kiki Smith was giving temporary tattoos, Zak Smith was manning a garage sale, the downtown fashionistas Imitation of Christ were selling a puppy (a puppy?) from their mobile store, and Will Cotton was decorating cookies. But the cheekiest (and most narcissistic) was this booth, entitled "Make Your Own Brice Marden with Brice Marden."

For a $30 donation, Marden was lending out his Prismacolors and supervising the addition of color to a photocopy of one of his works.

I'm not sure what the penalty was for scribbling outside the lines, but Satan was crooning karaoke in a booth down the block. The threat of having to sing "Oops, I Did It Again" with old Beelzubub himself would probably be enough to scare even the worst colorer into staying within the lines.

(Update: More photos of the event have been posted on Artnet.)

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