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Friday, September 10, 2004

The Biggest Art Weekend Ever (or at Least since May)

This week Caryn Coleman has been filling up the main page at ART.BLOGGING.LA with her picks of the best new shows in Los Angeles. LA isn't the only city awash with exciting openings this weekend. New York's gallery district is going to be hopping as well.

Last night I paged through the September issues of Artforum and Art in America, sticking Post-it Notes on the ads for shows opening this week that I want to see tomorrow. I finished my pad of notes before I finished with the magazines. And don't forget the galleries that haven't advertised.

But the fun doesn't stop there!

I have tickets for the late performance of Decasia (with live orchestra) in DUMBO on Saturday night. And then I'll be back in Chelsea Sunday afternoon hoping to get my face painted by Elizabeth Peyton at The Liberty Fair. (That's painting on my face, not painting of my face.) Do you think she'll re-do me with the John Kerry she did for this month's Artforum? I've been practicing saying, "W. stands for wrong," in case I happen to get that lucky.

Watch this space into early next week for notes on some (or all) of these events.

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