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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

All Art Blogs, All the Time

Perry Woodin at GalleryDriver has recently released a very handy art blog aggregator that consolidates art news and art blog content from around the web into a single view.

If you're still crawling through 120 items in your browser's favorites menu to catch up on the arts scene, you'll be amazed at what an aggregator can do. After reading a short piece about Internet syndication in the Harvard Business Review earlier this year, I started using SharpReader (a desktop application that works in a similar way to GalleryDriver's web-based model) to subscribe to web content. It has really changed how I interact with the web.

If this post reads like nothing but techno-babble to you, trust me on this one. Spend a few minutes with GalleryDriver's aggregator, and you'll see what I mean. Having a single view into fresh content on twenty-five different sites provides a great way of staying on top of what's new.

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