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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Lee Bontecou Arrives in Queens

The Lee Bontecou exhibition opened at MoMA QNS on Friday. In certain respects, this show has reminded me of a major snow storm. As it has moved east across the country, it has picked up additional steam and has received increasing media coverage. By the time it hit the New York area this weekend, the art viewing public was ready for something big.

I've been waiting for ages to see this show. I was actually in downtown Chicago for a day last April while the exhibition was at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Unfortunately, it was a Monday and the MCA was closed. I wandered around the perimeter of the building, my museum credential in hand, hoping to beg my way in a back door to get a quick glimpse of the show. I didn't have any luck.

I finally had the chance to see it yesterday at MoMA. I will post something more in-depth on the exhibition later this week, work and travel allowing. But in the meantime don't wait. Go see it for yourself early in its run because you'll want to have time to go back to see it again. And again. And, maybe, again.

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