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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Footloose in LA and a Couple Links

My meeting schedule for today in Los Angeles got blown out of the water at the last minute, so I've ended up with a big chunk of time to look at art before I catch my next flight. I get to play today, but I have to pay tomorrow. I'll be in Phoenix for the morning and back in Orange County for the afternoon.

But before I join the traffic jam that they call the 405 out here, I thought I would post a couple pointers.

Via ArtsJournal, The Los Angeles Times reports that Clear Channel's next touring museum exhibition, "Troy," will feature a large wooden Trojan horse. The article says:
Indeed, detractors may find it tartly amusing that Clear Channel wants to deliver a Trojan horse to museums' doorsteps. To them, the corporate equivalent of pillage and burn has been the company's battle plan since 1996, when the then-modest outfit from San Antonio began a buying spree.
Clear Channel gets no points for subtlety.

Tyler Green at Modern Art Notes is back from vacation and promises more notes this week on his art trek through the Southwest. My take on his first post?

Best indication that Tyler Green isn't from New York: A real New Yorker would view the rats outside SITE Santa Fe's Grotesque biennial as atmosphere.

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