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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So Who's Supporting This Stuff?

Charlie Finch's latest piece of sexploitation has been stirring the pot all around the interweb. See MAN for links to several blog posts on the topic, but don't think that's all. I've had several other links emailed to me that aren't included in the list.

Earlier today Greg Allen posted a dismissive response that Artnet editor Walter Robinson sent him after receiving Allen's letter of complaint about Finch's most recent piece. Robinson, it seems, has no issue with using Artnet's name, credibility, and 2M monthly page views to support Finch's predatory work.

I wonder, though, if Artnet's advertisers feel the same way. On one recent page load of the Finch piece, the following organizations' ads appeared in the right-hand sidebar:
You have to wonder if these organizations know that it's their advertising dollars that are enabling Finch's lurid studio visits--and what they would do if they did know. All of a suddent ArtInfo is looking more attractive, isn't it?

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